Digital Platform Strategy

Digital Platform Strategy

Every Organizations need a Digital Platform for the sharing of critical assets & its the first step towards Digital Transformation. We prep your business in identifying and building technology platforms which helps you to grow and adapt the future business need. If designed correctly these platforms will act as a growth lever for your business and derive value out of them.

Ride the 4th Industrial Revolution by Platform approach and derive & deliver values .

What & How We Do?

We ensure that iMango as a company understand your existing business model & creating a platform model which can serve as an additional stream of revenue.We understands the business strategy and accordingly  we align the Platform Strategy with it.

Identifying the Nature of Platform, whether its a Mobilisation, Social or Aggregation Platforms.

Helping the client in identifying the vision, what it means to its stake holders, how it should be clarifying and motivating to the employees & how it should foster alignment across the organization.It also helps to identifies what value the platform provides, what does it take and how to go about it?.

Start building the MVP by narrowing in the required features and try to reach out to the masses.

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