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Top Blogs Developed using WagTail CMS – Django & Python

WagTail is a modern, trending content management system built using Django Framework & Python language. WagTail is open source & distributed on BSD license – which means you can customise WagTail and own your full rights without seeking permission from anyone. In this article, we showcase you 10 top blogs made using WagTail – the Django and Python based Content Management System.

There are a handful of other popular Django based CMS like Mezzanine, and Django-CMS – which are really good & stable. What makes WagTail different from those existing platforms is its co-existence with Django framework. WagTail provides all essential features of a CMS (content management system) like managing pages & media so well. At the same time, WagTail enables you to use the full power of Django Framework by extending WagTail to incorporate any new feature or idea you can imagine. WagTail does not limit your imaginations getting realised owing to limitations of a CMS application. You can extend WagTail as much to the power of Django framework.

Let’s start our exploration through top 10 blogs made using WagTail Django CMS.

Top 10 Blogs – WagTail CMS

WagTail is gaining high popularity recently. Many universities & organisations in USA now use WagTail to power their content management systems. If you already have a Django based application and are looking to incorporate a CMS to the same, WagTail is a blessing in many ways. You can easily incorporate a fully functional CMS to your existing application using only your existing resources (you dont need to enhance your server or setup any new environment) in no time. So let’s begin.

#1 VentureBeyond – Adventure Excursions Blog

WagTail CMS Example

VentureBeyond is a blog that follows classic design pattern of WagTail CMS. A blog designed around adventures & excursions in Jasper, Canada and the blog is maintained by Official Jasper National Park Guide. VentureBeyond captures life experiences of people visiting Jasper and publishes it as a nice blog post. The home page is designed with images/photos as core highlight and texts embedded into the images in a nice, clean way. The typography is excellent and easy to read.

WagTail CMS Blog

Single blog post entries are published as stories in this blog. If you read Todds Story and Experience in Jasper – you can see the power of WagTail being put to use to develop this content page in a very nice way. They’ve captured all the highlights of Todds experiences using text, images, paragraph blocks, image slider carousel, quote blocks and other elements. On a business perspective, new lead collection is well handled by placing a widget like element which links to a 2 Day Excursions Package offered by Jasper.Travel

WagTail Django Website

#2 The OrganicBox Blog

TheOrganicBox is an ecommerce venture based in Canada and they sell organic food products directly sourced from farmhouses. The ecommerce platform is developed on Django Framework and the blog is developed using WagTail to manage content.

Django is a powerful framework and the ecommerce part is fully powered using Django. WagTail being a beautiful CMS built using Django, its a no-brainer decision to use WagTail along with Django based ecommerce platform to power the blog management platform.

TheOrganicBox Blog utilizes all the best of WagTail. The blog features a list of recipes popular in Canada and the ingredients are nicely linked to catalogue. Take a look at single blog post entry to see how beautifully presented those recipes are.  The blog home page has sidebar widgets, category archives, Year/Month archives all presented in a nice, easy to navigate user experience flow.

#3 The VitalBeat Blog

The VitalBeat is basically a blog developed using WagTail. This blog serves the elderly care segment and publishes informational articles and guides on senior care. The home page is uniquely designed with featured articles and other blogs presented in a nice way. Newsletter subscription is handled at the middle area. Caring experts are featured towards bottom and a dedicated page is provided for each care professional – highlighting their bio and articles.

WagTail Portfolio


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